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United States

Facebook Resources for Re-Homing and/or Saving Arabian Horses

Help save an Arabian horse from slaughter with your one-time contribution to a horse listed in the Arabian Kill Pen & Auction Horse Group on Facebook

Arabian 300 Club Monthly Auto Enrollment


Arabian Rehoming Group for the US and Canada (Listing all Arabians and Half Arabians under $ 800.00 regardless of registration papers)

Arabian and Half-Arabian Horses in US and Canadian Rescues (Arabian and Half Arabian horses for adoption in the US and Canada at 501C3 rescues)

Arabian Kill Pen and Auction Horses (Congregation of Arabian horses in slaughter pen on Facebook pages and groups in immediate danger)

Arabian Horses At Risk Auctions Feedlots Pacific Northwest (Arabian/Half Arabian horses at feedlots and auctions in the NW US (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada)

Non-Registered Arabian/Half-Arabian Rehoming Network (Increase the visibility of Non-Registered Arabian and Half-Arabian horses that are for sale, free, and available for adoption.)

Arabian + Half-Arabian Re-homing/Giveaway Connection (Only owner owned, registered horses under 500.00)

The Arabian 300 Club - A group of caring individuals helping to save Arabian type horses from the kill pens and at auctions helping to fund the Arabian Kill Pen & Auction Horses Group


State Rehoming Groups

Alabama Arabian Rehoming Group

Iowa Arabian Horse Re-Homing Group

Arabian Re-Homing Group - Mid-Atlantic States ( Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)

Missouri Arabian Re-Homing Group

Pennsylvania Arabian Re-Homing Group

Texas Arabian Rehoming Group

Tri State Arabian Horse Re-Homing Group (Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota)

Washington Arabian Horse Re-Homing Group

Other Related Groups

Arabian Rescue Success Stories - (Sharing rescue successes of Arabian, Half Arabian and Anglo Arabian Horses)

Arabian Rescue Boutique (Items and Art for sale to benefit Arabians in need of rescue)

Lost Arabian and Half Arabian Horses - (Created for people who have sold or re-homed horses wanting to know if there horse is safe)

Arabian Horse Detective - Helping horses reunite with their registration papers by combining resources and crowd-sourcing the very time consuming research.


Second Chance Arabians

Horses of Arabian type rescued from auction and kill pens looking for homes

Who's My Daddy? Arabian Horses Lost Looking for Papers

Photo listing of Arabians saved from auctions and kill pens seeking prior owners for registration papers, past life information, training and friendship.