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An internet contribution by a horse crazy person designed to give back a little of what the horses have given to me.

 "Dedicated to the memory of my Arabian mare "Windy" stolen from her stall in 1979 at a Houston, TX boarding stable."

Stolen Horse International - - one of the best organizations to spring up from the Internet

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USE YOUR COMMON SENSE AND INTUITION - If you want to do something good just do it!

The life of the horse you adopt plus you make room for the rescue to save another horse!
If you cannot adopt you can still volunteer or donate! $ 18.00 buys a sack of feed or $ 7.50 a bale of hay!

Crucial legislation has been introduced in Congress that will protect consumers from toxic horsemeat and end the cruel slaughter of America’s horses, the

Safeguard American Food Exports Act, H.R.1942/S.1214

Horse slaughter is fraught with terror, pain, and suffering and the plants have a history of polluting local water supplies, lowering property values, and are a drain on local economies. Horses are not raised for food and should never be slaughtered, nor transported to slaughter in the United States!

TAKE ACTION and click this Humane Society link to send an e-mail to your legislators to support this bill!!!


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